Fitzgerald River National Park

The Fitzgerald River National Park is one of the largest national parks in Australia containing 20% of the State's described plant species. The park covers an area of 329,039ha and is one of the most diverse botanical regions in the world, featuring more than 1,800 species of plants, 75 of these are found nowhere else in the world. There are 184 bird species, 22 mammal species, 41 reptile species and 12 frog species living in the park. A number of species have only recently been rediscovered here, including the Dibbler and Heath Rat. For further information head to the Departmant of Parks and Wildlife website.

The park is an internationally recognised Biosphere Reserve under the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program. Some attractions include:

Wildflower season in the park peaks during Spring (September to November), however some wildflowers can be seen in bloom throughout the year. Species to watch out for include the Royal Hakea (Hakea victoria) and the Quaalup Bell (Pimelia physodes).

Whale Watching
During the winter months (July to November) you can see Southern Right whales from the viewing platforms at Point Ann and along the coastline to Bremer Bay. Southern Right whales come into the sheltered bays for calving and can be as close as six metres from the shore. Humpback whales can also be seen as they make their way up the and down the coast. The number of whales has been increasing every year since hunting ceased in the 1970's.

There are a number of walks in the park including:
West Mount Barren - allow 1-2 hours
Point Ann Heritage Trail - allow 1 hour
Twertup Walk - allow 1-2 hours
East Mount Barren - allow 3 hours
West Beach Point - allow 1 hour
Please contact a Ranger to register for overnight walks or for further details on other walks (see below).

There are numerous fishing spots all along the coastline, with a number of beaches in the park well known for rock and beach fishing. Normal fishing regulations apply.

Vehicle based camping is available at Four Mile Beach, Hamersley Inlet, Quoin Head, Fitzgerald Inlet and Saint Mary Inlet. Camping fees apply. For further information contact a Ranger (see below).

Contact Friends of the Fitzgerald River National Park if you would like to become a member and participate in their activities.

For further information, including current road conditions within Fitzgerald National Park, please contact the Rangers:

Eastside (East Mt Barren, Hopetoun)
Tel: 08 9838 3060

Westside (Murray Road, Gairdner River)
Tel: 08 9837 1022

National Park Improvement Project 
The State and Federal Governments have both committed funding for the improvement of Fitzgerald River National Park in 2010, inlcuding sealing of major access roads and development of a coastal walktrail between Point Ann and Hamersley Inlet. The sites are currently scheduled to be completed in late November 2013.

The Fitzgerald River National Park Improvement Project (FRNP-IP) is now being managed through the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW). DPaW was established on 1 July 2013, when the former Department of Environment and Conservation was split into two departments.  

Find out more from the Department of Environment and Conservation's website.

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For more information contact:

Mon - Fri: 8.30am to 4.30pm
08 9835 1022
08 9835 1161

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