July 2014 Agenda Attachments

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 Item  Attachment
 10.1.1 (a)  Jerramungup Maintenance Report
 10.1.1 (b)  Bremer Bay Maintenance Report
 10.1.1 (c)  Rural Road Maintenance Report
 10.1.1 (d)  2013-14 Road Construction Program Summary
 10.1.1 (e)  2013-14 Road Construction Program Schedule
 10.2.1  Accounts Payable Report June 2014
 10.2.2  Finance Report June 2014
 10.3.1   Plans and extract of supporting documentation proposed telecommunications tower Jacup
 10.3.1  Plans and extract of supporting documentation tower Jacup
 10.3.2  Copy of applicant justification and plans Lot 788 Barnes Drive, Bremer Bay
 10.3.3  Plans proposed mobile ice-cream van
 10.3.4  Referral from Department of Lands
 10.3.5  Australian Heritage Council referral & information sheet
 10.3.6  Draft Bremer Bay Town Centre Design Guidelines (Local Planning Policy 18)
 10.3.8 (a)  Draft State planning policy 3.7 - Planning for Bushfire Risk
 10.3.8 (b)  Development application flowchart
 10.3.8 (c)  BAL setback table
 10.4.2  Concept Design Part A
 10.4.2   Concept Design Part B
 10.4.3 (a)  Service Level Agreement Bremer Bay Community Resource Centre
 10.4.3 (b)  Service Level Agreement Jerramungup Community Resource Centre
 10.4.4 (a)  Confidential - Letter of request BBCP re Asbestos Roof  Fence
 10.4.4 (b)  Confidential - Investigation Memo to Bill Parker Managers Residence BB Caravan Park March 2014
 10.4.4 (c)  Confidential - Legal Advice


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