Public Space Management Plan - Bremer Bay


The Shire of Jerramungup adopted the Bremer Bay Town Centre Structure Plan as part of its planning for the development of a new town centre.  The structure plan highlighted two significant areas of natural bush land which has contributed for a long time to the local landscape character and identity of Bremer Bay.

Draft Public Open Space Management Plan

Council worked with consultants to draft a Public Space Management Plan. The areas in consideration includes the reserve between Seadragon Avenue and John Street plus the bushland between Bremer Bay Road and Gnornbup Terrance. Importantly, the Draft POS is intended to be a guiding document and is not to be read as a list of activities the Shire will undertake in the immediate future. If approved the POS will be taken into consideration when future activities are proposed.

Recommendations include:
• Name the reserves the Gnornbup and Tallerack Reserves, and signpost them such at each end.  This will immediately attach people and support activation and conservation objectives.
• Remove weeds and invasive plants including Victorian Teatree, Blue-gum, River Red-gum, Peppermint (Agonis flexuosa), Coast Wattle (Acacia cyclops) and Net Bush. 
• Rationalise existing access paths to provide three east-west access shared-use paths in Tallerack Reserve.  Use these paths to break the reserve into cells and provide access for fast attack fire fighting vehicles.
• Keep fire out of the reserves, as it leads to destabilisation, the proliferation of weeds and weedy native plants and increased fire hazard.
• Interpret the natural and aesthetic values of the reserves, with particular mention and maps of the plant communities, reserves role as links in the greater bushland corridor, the Kwongkan TEC, animals and dieback hygiene.
• Close and rehabilitate the two rudimentary paths and the adjacent firebreak scar towards the northern end of Tallerack Reserve.
• Upgrade trail/path network in Gnornbup Reserve on the existing pathways to destinations as gazebos and road edges at roadhouse, information bay and Tallerack Reserve.
• Plan, design, fund and implement the Tallerack Top Walk in Tallerack Reserve.  Place it opposite the main entrance to the civic space on the corner of Yandil Way and Seadragon Ave, taking care to position it among the Tallerack with least impact, and on the highest ground.
• Ensure any vegetation management activities limit ground disturbance to an absolute minimum, lest the disturbance destabilise existing vegetation, promote plant regeneration and increase hazard.
• Shire Staff work with Gnornbup Tce businesses to improve street signage at the ends of Gnornbup Tce where it meets Bremer Bay Rd and Wellstead Rd, and at the Bremer Bay Rd/Seadragon Ave roundabout. The new signs for businesses on the approaches to Jerramungup can serve as a guide.
• Review sign specifications for businesses along Gnornbup Terrace to consider allowing taller or larger business name signs to improve visibility from Bremer Bay Rd.
• Carefully remove dead plant material, and thin the thickest areas of mid-storey vegetation from Gnornbup Reserve north of the Seadragon Ave intersection.
• Bitumen seal the parking lay-bys and concrete kerb the road edge on the north side of Gnornbup Terrace
• Maintain the gazebos in Gnornbup Reserve to a high standard.

Public Comment 

Public comment period closed on the 23 July 2018. 

 Draft Public Open Space Management Plan 


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Public Space Management Plan - Bremer Bay

Study areas; Reserve 51949 (Lot 501 Seadragon Avenue), Reserve 47113 (Lots 134&154 John Street) and Portion Bremer Bay Road Reserve between Bremer Bay Road and Gnornbup Terrace.