Local Planning Scheme & Policies

All land in the Shire of Jerramungup is subject to Local Planning Scheme controls; all development and change of use requires Planning Approval. 

Development within the Shire of Jerramungup is administered through Local Planning Scheme No.2 which was gazetted in 2007. The Local Planning Scheme consists of the Scheme Text and Maps.

The Town Planning Scheme calls up the Residential Design Codes of WA (the R-Codes) to control and guide development in residential areas.

The Local Planning Scheme also allows for the adoption of Local Planning Policies to guide certain types of development in the Shire.  Click below to download a Policy:

Local Development Plan
Local Development Plans (LDP's) are intended to guide the residential development of approved subdivisions, in particular addressing earthworks, retaining and surveillance of public open space.

Area Specific Planning
The Shire of Jerramungup adopted the Bremer Bay Town Centre Structure Plan in 2012 to guide the development of the Bremer Bay Town Centre.  This document provides the planning framework to guide the future staged development of this area and the co-ordinated provision of infrastructure and services. More information is available at the following link: Bremer Bay Town Centre 

Directional Sign Guidelines
The primary purpose of directional signage is to assist the community to locate services and facilities. Road directional signage is not intended to be a form of advertising for any particular business or facility. 

The Shire will maintain and update the information bays at the entry to the town sites as the appropriate place for commercial advertising.

This policy attempts to balance the need to keep signage in the road reserve to a minimum, while still allowing for the necessary directions to be given to the travelling public.


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