Native Vegetation Clearing Exemptions

If you intend to clear native vegetation, you will need to apply for a permit from the Department of Environment Regulation (DER), unless your works qualify for an exemption. Where the clearing is on or immediately adjacent to a Shire Reserve or Road Reserve the Shire must also be advised in writing prior to works being undertaken.

For detailed, up to date information and fact sheets please follow the below links:
Guide to the Exemptions and Regulations for Clearing Native Vegetation
Fact Sheets - Personal Circumstances
Fact Sheet - Clearing Previously Cleared Land
Fact Sheet - Clearing Limited to 5Ha/yr 
How to Apply for a Permit to Clear
DER's Cleaaring Permit Database

Please note that the use of ANY exemption cannot occur within an Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) unless under Schedule 6, Item 1 it is to clear firebreaks in accordance with the Shire’s bush fire notice, as listed on the Fire Information page.

For further assistance you can contact the DER on (08) 9333 7469, email or go to their website;

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Native Vegetation Clearing Exemptions