Coastal Management Plan 2017-2027

The Shire of Jerramungup contains some of Western Australia’s most dramatic and diverse coastal areas. The long sandy beaches, transparent aqua waters, dramatic cliffs, rocky headlands, continental shelf and marine canyons are highly valued by locals and visitors. It’s important that we continue to carefully manage and protect this fragile area into the future.

The Council adopted Coastal Management Plan 2017-2027 (the Plan) aims to; facilitate community enjoyment; while promoting sustainable use and maintaining high levels of biodiversity.

The Plan included an initial assessment of the coastal areas and practical recommendations for continued future management. Importantly; it is informed by a First Pass Hazard Assessment which identifies coastal areas that have higher environmental risk factors and measures possible impact over the coming 100 years.

The coast is frequented by an increasing number of user groups; particularly tourists during peak seasonal periods. This presents opportunities for varied ecotourism ventures and our subsequent economic development but it also places stress on the valuable coastal ecosystems and existing infrastructure.

Initial consultation with stakeholders indicated that there are six important focus issues:
1. Access management;
2. Sustainable community use and safety management;
3. Future risk and actions associated with sea level rise and storm impacts;
4. Protection of biodiversity, culture and heritage;
5. Consideration of tourism and other commercial drivers; and
6. Management regardless of tenure.

The Coastal Management Plan was adopted by council on the 21st of March 2018.


Coastal Management Plan
First Pass Hazard Assessment


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Coastal Management Plan 2017-2027

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