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Notice of completion

For any residential dwellings and non-habitable structures (class 1 and 10), upon the completion of the work, the builder must provide a Notice of Completion (BA7) to the Shire within seven days of completion of work.

This establishes the end date of the permit for compliance and record keeping purposes. Until the notice is received, the person named as builder remains liable for the building or demolition complying with the Building Act 2011 until a Notice of Cessation (BA8) or a Notice of Completion (BA7) is issued.

If this work includes a swimming pool or pool safety barriers, an inspection certificate must accompany the notice. Please note, the requirement to provide this inspection certificate as part of the Notice of Completion is separate to the requirement for a local government to inspect existing pools in its district at least once every four years.

Inspection certificates

Where required inspection certificates are necessary for inspections and tests.
The builder must ensure that each inspection certificate that accompanies a Notice of Completion contains the following information:

• The number of the building permit for the building work inspected or tested
• A description of the purpose, extent and outcome of the inspection or test
• The date and time the inspection or test was conducted
• The name, contact details and qualifications of the person conducting the inspection or test
• Any other document or evidence of the outcome of the inspection or test that the person conducting the inspection or test considers relevant.

It is up to the builder to be satisfied that the person doing the inspection has the relevant qualifications and experience.

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