Local Government Elections

The Shire of Jerramungup is holding an election by postal vote on Saturday, 21 October 2017 to fill 4 vacancies in the offices of Councillors as listed below:

PRICE, Andrew
HOBBS, Corinne
IFFLA, Joanne
BAILEY, William

Election Packages will be sent to all electors on the local government electoral roll where there is an election in their electorate.

Replacement Packages can be obtained from the Shire of Jerramungup prior to election day and from 8.00am to 6.00pm on election day if the package is not received or should any papers be missing.

Post your vote early. Completed postal voting packages must reach the Returning Officer by 6.00pm on election day, Saturday, 21 October 2017.

You may hand deliver your package to an electoral officer at the Shire of Jerramungup during business hours before election day or at the polling place / any polling place in the district between 8.00am and 6.00pm on election day.

Other Polling Place(s):
CRC Centre - Bremer Bay

Chief Polling Place:
8 Vassey Street, JERRAMUNGUP

The count of votes will commence at 6.00pm at the Shire of Jerramungup, 8 Vassey Street, JERRAMUNGUP.

The Shire's returning officer appointed by the Western Australian Electoral Commission is Christine Petersen. The returning officer is responsible for the conduct of the elections and is able to provide further information for prospective candidates including guides and forms. 

Christine Petersen
Returning Officer Shire of Jerramungup
0433 126 754

It is important that landowners are aware that they are not automatically enrolled for every property they own; it depends where you are enrolled on the State Residents Roll. If the property you live at in the Shire of Jerramungup is not the property listed on the State Residents Roll, you need to enrol at the Shire to ensure you can cast a vote in an election.

Helpful Links;

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Department of Local Government Election Fact Sheets https://www.dlgc.wa.gov.au/Publications/Pages/Local-Government-Elections-Fact-Sheets.aspx 
Department of Local Government FAQs https://www.dlgc.wa.gov.au/Pages/FAQ.aspx 
WA Electoral Commission https://www.elections.wa.gov.au/elections/local 
WA Electoral Commission forms and guides https://www.elections.wa.gov.au/elections/local-government-elections/local-government-forms-and-guides

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