2017 Code of Conduct

Administration Policies:
AP1 - Equal Opportunity Policy
AP3 - Payments to Employees in Addition to Contract or Award
AP4 - Regional Price Preference
AP5 - Record Keeping
AP6 - Donations
AP7 - Council Housing and Staff Accommodation
AP8 - Human Resources - Remuneration and Subsidies 
AP9 - Legal Deposit of Published Documents 
AP10 - Complaint Handling
AP11 - Risk Management Governance Framework

Building Control Policies:
Curently being updated. Please contact, Janna, the Shire's Building Surveyor on 9837 4016 for further information.

Council Policies:
CP1 - Legal Representation Costs Indemnification

Finance Policies:
FP1 - Capitalisation and Depreciation of Non-Current Assets
FP2 - Rates and Account Collection
FP3 - Investments
FP4 - Sports and Recreation Grants & Application for Financial Assistance Form 
FP5 - Corporate Credit Cards
FP6 - Purchasing
FP7 - Pensioner Rebates on Rural Properties
FP8 - Financial Hardship 

Fire Control Policies:
FCP1 - Brigades and Officers
FCP2 - Bush Fires on Crown Land
FCP3 - Use of Council Owned Equipment
FCP4 - Harvest Bans
FCP5 - Licensed Storage Areas
FCP6 - Radios
FCP7 - Camping and Cooking Fires

Local Planning Policies:
Local Planning Policies

Occupational Safety and Health Policies:
OSHP1 - Occupational Safety & Health 
OSHP2 - Fitness for Work Policy
OSHP3 - Smoking in Council Vehicles/Premises Policy
OSHP4 - Workplace Bullying Policy
OSHP5 - Sexual Harassment Policy
OSHP6 - Injury Management Policy
OSHP7 - Contractors OSH Policy

Other Policies:
OP2 - Directional Signs 
OP3 - Gravel and Sand Aquisition 
OP4 - Rural Road Verge Vegetation Management

Privacy Policy


This item was last updated on 22 October 2018

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